PCC is an MTP unit specialized in the organization of congresses and events, which is an active and recognized member of the MICE industry, well-known to the events participants and speakers for years. Thanks to our vast experience, references and investments in infrastructure, international medical organizations and associations organizing congresses for several thousand people decide to cooperate with us more and more often. A large group of our customers are also global corporations that organize with us kick-offs, official gala events and training sessions.

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Elżbieta Roeske

e-mail: elzbieta.roeske@mtp.pl

Sabrina Żymierska

e-mail: sabrina.zymierska@mtp.pl

Maciej Herkt
Conference Manager

mobile: +48 693 028 023
e-mail: maciej.herkt@mtp.pl

Rafał Hajduk
Event Manager

mobile: +48 693 028 090
e-mail: rafal.hajduk@mtp.pl

Maria Marcinkowska

mobile: +48 609 297 304
e-mail: maria.marcinkowska@mtp.pl

Katarzyna Marczak
Customer Relations and Sales Specialist

mobile: +48 693 025 348
e-mail: katarzyna.marczak@mtp.pl

Elżbieta Michalczewska-Dubicka
Product Development Specialist

phone: +48 61 869 2787
mobile: +48 693 028 049
e-mail: elzbieta.michalczewska-dubicka@mtp.pl

Małgorzata Ostańska-Janicka
Customer Relations and Sales Specialist

phone: +48 61 869 2342
mobile: +48 603 413 486
e-mail: malgorzata.ostanska@mtp.pl

Anna Paczos
Product Development Specialist
Andrzej Snadny
Customer Relations and Sales Specialist

phone: +48 61 869 2408
mobile: +48 693 021 512
e-mail: andrzej.snadny@mtp.pl